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With an expanded Republican majority in the Minnesota House, a single-vote majority in the State Senate, and the US Supreme Court ready to hand down a terrible decision in the Janus case, our Day on the Hill provides us a critical opportunity to stand strong for the services we provide and for the dignity of our work, our families, and our neighbors. 

Bad bills were heard all last year, from an ALEC bill to stop local governments from raising their minimum wage, to health care cuts, attacks on collective bargaining, public workers’ right to communicate voting rights, and our pensions – all while pushing tax cuts for the richest Minnesotans. 

Big businesses and the rich rigged the rules to benefit themselves at the legislature, but at Day on the Hill, we can start to make progress again for us. We can push for the freedom for all Minnesotans to be heard and to get ahead. 

We have to stand up to these attacks and build toward a better Minnesota – through support local government aid, comprehensive transportation funding, safe staffing, resources for colleges, universities, and child protection, while ending the conversation about opening a private prison in Minnesota once and for all. 

With your attendance at our union’s Day on the Hill we will call on the legislature to stop the attacks and work toward a brighter future for our families. 

We will start the day at the Saint Paul RiverCentre on Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul with a session to give you and your membership information on how, what, where, and whom to lobby. After talking with legislators, we will return to the RiverCentre to debrief our conversations with legislators and reception.

AFSCME MN Retirees United will pay the registration fee for members to attend Day on the Hill.  Use Chapter 5 for Local Number.

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