Elections Count!!! VOTE!!!!!!

Elections count.  Your voice is most strongly heard through the Ballot Box.  The General election, November 6, 2018 will be most critical for the direction that politics in the State of Minnesota and the United States will take for years to come.  At the state level, all of the state constitutional officers are up for election, all of the Representatives in the state legislature and one special senate seat (the St. Cloud area) are on the ballot.  At the federal level both US Senate seats and all 8 House seats are up for election.


It’s important who fill each and every one of these seats.  AFSCME members (not just leadership and political staff) have been active in the screening process to determine which candidates for each office best represent the interests of AFSCME members Our retiree sub chapters have also been represented in theses screenings with each of the sub chapter presidents as voting members of the committees).  It’s important that our needs for safe working conditions, fair wages, safe & secure retirement, a voice in our work places are well represented in the political process.  Who represents us in these elected positions makes a huge difference in all of the above needs.  The way we are seen and treated is significantly different with a DFL majority & Governor than how we’d be treated by a Republican majority & Governor.  Listen to the candidates. Look through the chaff of advertising and discern their positions on these important issues.  Visit the AFSCME Council 5 web page at www.afscmemn.org/vote for the list of candidates we’ve screened and are recommending for support.  If you’ve questions of the candidates, don’t hesitate to contact them and have a discussion.


Most importantly VOTE on November 6.  If you’re not able to vote on the 6th you can also vote absentee any time before the 6th (Check with your local elections office for times and locations) or vote by mail.  Exercise your right to vote and please vote for our AFSCME endorsed candidates.